Rooksmoor Mills

The old flock mill that was badly damaged by fire in the 1930’s has been threatened with change many times over the years.  A plan for 50 flats in 2007 lapsed but was reintroduced in 2015.  Despite initial refusal SDC granted permission for a mixture of flats and business premises in 2017.  SDC have turned a blind eye to the scrap yard that has built up alongside the site on the pretext that they were waiting for redevelopment to start.  Nothing has happened yet, so the scrapyard seems destined for a long illegal tenure there.

Update March 2019.

The scrapyard has all but gone, as has the associated car sales.  The other side of the mills, below the cycle ‘park’ has been cleared and it looks as if something is happening.  We shall carry on watching with anticipation.

October 2019.  The site has been cleared (apart from a massive spoil-mound at the Rodborough end) and groundworks are well underway.  The billboard images of the final result do make it look quite inviting, time will tell as to whether it becomes a reality – at least the scrapyard has gone!

January 2020.  Hoardings are up at the back and the groundworks look to have been just about completed.  Footings are in and so building looks as if it will start shortly.  The hoardings have caused an issue with the resurfacing of the cycle path – they encroach onto the path and so the new rubberised surface cannot be fitted at the moment, hopefully this will be sorted out rather than being left half-finished.